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March 25, 2008



OMG!! How've ya' been?! This is great news! Now, I have someone else to visit!

OF COURSE you should pursue knitting full time. I'm glad I was inspiring to you, and I wish that we could've still worked together here, but today, folks work together globally, so don't worry, we still can. I'll be happy to help you with whatever you need.

It's a blessing that you're getting his support. It's crucial. So many of us struggle without support or even understanding for what we do. It's no accident there's a dearth of sisters in the field. Kiss him for all of us.

The shawl is wonderful! Best, is that the stitch pattern is easy enough for advanced beginners and they'll get something beautiful. It's commendable of Ann to support you! Knit designers are not all wonderful people, there's so much jealousy and prejudice.

Anyway, since you're not moving tomorrow, let's get together and knit soon!

Love ya'. Gotta get back to work. See ya' soon.


Welcome Back and Congrats! on the move to Florida and your design. The Shawl is stunning.


It was SO NICE to hear from you, totally made my day! Great news about your move. What a lovely scarf! Nice design. I've made a couple of things recently using Tilli Tomas and enjoy working with it. You are fortunate indeed to have the encouragement and support to do what you love!


I've seen the tilli thomas pic on ravelry and I had no idea it was you! It is fabulous. I too wish I could do this professionally, except, I can't knit and count stitches at the same time so I guess I'm so unqualified!


Congrats on a fantastic scarf and very exciting news! Also, welcome back to blogland.


Woot! Woot! She's baaaack....(ok, gaining composure). Congrats on the move, that sounds like a phenomenal idea! Love the Tili Tomas, too!


Girl, that is GREAT news, first about the move (because I'm in Florida!) & also about your hubby supporting your knitting as a career move. The shawl is really gorgeous & yes, you are incredibly talented! I wish I had the guts to do that.


welcome back!!! good luck with the upcoming move!

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